About Us

At Wallbreaker, we’re all about results-driven video. 

Above all, we are a video production company that gets how hard it can be to promote your business online. There is so much ‘noise’, lots of channels to think about. And trends are always changing!

About Us

We know the power of proper storytelling when it comes to getting results for our clients. For instance, our creative team produces videos that have a real and powerful impact on your audience.

We create content that will inspire your customers to take the next step and drive results for your business. Above all, we make videos that your customers will actually love watching.

In addition, please find videos we have made for our clients, here.

The Video Production Process

When it comes to corporate video production, we start by finding out your needs and working out what goals you want to see from your video. After that, we’ll build a creative idea and write a story that we know your audience will connect with.

Following that, we’ll film on location or in our studio with the latest cameras and then we’ll get stuck into the edit before delivering your video content in the right format. For instance, your videos might be needed for TV, cinema or social media.

If you would like to see the types of videos we make, please view our services here.

Why Wallbreaker?

At Wallbreaker, we’ve been making video content with a passion for over 7 years. Most importantly, we know how to create videos that your audience will find useful and interesting.

It isn’t about the size of your company, how many awards you’ve won or how great your customer service is. In short, nobody cares about that. Your audience cares about how you can interest or entertain them and therefore make them remember your brand. Above all, this is what we achieve for our clients over and over.

Learn More About Corporate Video

At Wallbreaker, we believe that researching video trends and other marketing tips can only help when it comes to promoting a business. It’s this research that keeps our corporate video production ahead of the competition. For instance, technology and people are ever-changing. Therefore we would like to share some of our favourite books, podcasts and workshops with you via these links:

The Marketing Book Podcast with Douglas Burdett

Video Marketing Strategy by Jon Mowat

Building A Storybrand by Donald Miller

Digital Marketing Strategy by Simon Kingsnorth

“From the initial planning and storyboarding to filming and editing, Wallbreaker’s creative eye, imagination and attention to detail has really helped to give the projects a magic touch.”

Stefan Prest

International Development Manager, University of Lincoln

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