At Wallbreaker, we’re all about results-driven video production. 

We understand that, as marketers, your job continuously gets harder when it comes to promoting your business. There is so much poor quality ‘noise’ online, lots of different channels to consider using, and marketing trends are always changing.

About Us

At Wallbreaker, we know the power of proper video production when it comes to achieving marketing results. Our creative team of storytellers produce captivating videos that have a real, powerful, stop-you-in-your-tracks impact with your audience.

We create content that will inspire your customers to take the next step, drive results for your business and more importantly, content that your customers will actually love watching.

The Process

We start by identifying your requirements and working out what goals you need to achieve with your campaign. From here, we’ll work on a creative treatment and build a story that we know your audience will connect with.

Next, we’ll film on location or in our studio with the latest cinema-grade equipment and then we’ll get stuck into the edit before delivering your video content in your required format; whether that be TV, cinema or social media. 

Why Wallbreaker?

At Wallbreaker, we’ve been dedicated to delivering compelling video marketing content with passion for over 7 years. We know how to create content that your audience will find useful and interesting.

It isn’t about the size of your company, how many awards you’ve won or how great your customer service is. The truth is, nobody cares about that. Your audience cares about how you can interest or entertain them and therefore encourage them to take meaningful action. This is what we achieve for our clients over and over.

“From the initial planning and storyboarding to filming and editing, Wallbreaker’s creative eye, imagination and attention to detail has really helped to give the projects a magic touch.”

Stefan Prest

International Development Manager, University of Lincoln

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