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Carers First is a fantastic organisation that offers support and advice to carers, young and old, around the UK. Wallbreaker was tasked with creating a short narrative film, starring real young carers, to help raise awareness of the burdens of care on approximately 800,000 young people, across the country.

Sarah Lane
Head of Communications
Carers First

We worked with Wallbreaker to produce a short film to raise awareness of young carers. We came to them with a broad brief of what we were looking for and they were able to take this and develop two concepts for us to consider, which were both fantastic. Throughout the project, we felt informed at all times, and the team at Wallbreaker was able to complete the project in a short time frame, with no delays or issues and minimal amends. The finished film exceeded our expectations, it was powerful, emotional, and authentic but still conveyed joy - not something that can easily be achieved, but Wallbreaker did it. When our next film project came up, we didn't hesitate to work with them again.


The video that we produced for Carers First is a unique and emotionally driven piece that has found its intended audience through a successful social media campaign and organic sharing. By placing ourselves in the shoes of a young carer during the writing process, we created a poetic voice-over script that, accompanied by thoughtful and strikingly cinematic visuals, spoke directly to the emotional core of the audience. 

Shot over 2 days in the south of England with several real young carers, we utilised elements of their day-to-day lives along with some playful direction to truly paint a realistic picture of their unique upbringings. The project was an eye-opening and humbling experience for the crew, who fulfilled the brief with pleasure; a rewarding production for all involved!


This video campaign received tremendous feedback from the caring community and has raised the brand awareness for Carers First, significantly. The number of young carers who have reached out to the charity for support has increased exponentially and continues to help adults at schools and organisations to watch out for any children who may need support in their unofficial caring roles.

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