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Sport is a passion of the whole team at Wallbreaker, so when the Lincolnshire branch of the FA came to us with a request to create a memorable and inspiring hero video to showcase their amazing work within the football community; we strapped on our boots and got to it! Their brief required multiple areas within the organisation to be represented in a stimulating manner, including referees, grounds staff and match day volunteers. This was coupled with driving home the uplifting and inclusive message that football in Lincolnshire is available to all, no matter their age, gender or ability.


Working directly with real players and FA volunteers from around the county, we produced a gripping and energetic video that transports viewers right into the heart of the action. Accompanied by a poetic voice-over that invokes a deep feeling of community pride, the handheld visual style allows for a more personal and dynamic viewing experience.

The video successfully unites a variety of locations and inspiring individuals whose stories intertwine to build to an exciting crescendo, encompassing the intended goal of spreading the FA’s message to a wide and diverse community via their social media campaign.

This is a project that the whole team loved pulling together. From digging deep and writing the rousing, expressive script, to laughing on-set with the wildly entertaining 0ver-50’s Walking Football League, this one went straight in the back of the net for us! 

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