Fibre Ninja Campaign


VIAVI provides the likes of BT & Openreach with the technology they need to build, test and improve the internet and 5G across the globe. They were looking for a video marketing campaign to increase online inquiries and educate businesses on how they help them ‘command the network’. VIAVI is a huge brand in the West but wanted Wallbreaker to help them grow and increase brand awareness in the UK & Europe.

Ross Stoddart
Regional Marketing Manager
Viavi Solutions

We've worked with Wallbreaker on several projects now and have been very impressed with the quality of the videos they've produced, their creativity, and their professionalism. While dealing with various members of their team throughout the production, Wallbreaker’s customer service has been excellent and the whole process was so seamless – this is how all agencies should operate! We’ve worked with them on a number of different elements – from character design and 3D animation to live-action video for product promotion and brand storytelling – and each time they've been a joy to work with.


We designed a marketing funnel campaign that ultimately focussed on showing how quick and easy VIAVI’s tools were to fibre engineers. To achieve this the Hero video utilised the brand’s cute ‘Fiber Ninja’ mascot; a 3D animated character that assists fibre engineers in the field, providing them with the tools needed to enable them to become ‘Fiber Ninjas’ themselves.

Further down the funnel, we created customer testimonials and cinematic lifestyle videos that demonstrated how VIAVI truly understood their target audience. These videos showed engineers completing jobs quickly and faultlessly, ultimately enabling them to become more profitable themselves. 

At the Hygiene level of the funnel, we produced product demo videos. These educated the audience on how VIAVI’s tech excels over the competition and how easily it can be utilised in their own business.

The campaign more than doubled VIAVI’s CTR, increased web traffic and helped to drive sales. 

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