Cherry Driving School

Cherry Driving School approached Wallbreaker with a problem that they wanted solving. The driving school were turning new pupils away due to a shortage of instructors in their fleet.

To solve this problem, Wallbreaker produced a 30 second video commercial to be used as part of a targeted Facebook advertising campaign. The video was targeted at Facebook users who had “Driving Instructor” listed as their job within their social media profile.

One of the key requirements for this video was that it would be eligible to auto-play as a social media advert. With this in mind, our team had to ensure that the information could be communicated to the audience by both audio and visuals, separately. To achieve this, Wallbreaker came up with the concept of compositing 3D text into the framing of the video during post-production, allowing the audience to see footage of the Cherry car driving past large digital words that were tracked onto the sides of bridges, roadsides and buildings. This meant that audiences who played the video, with or without sound, could still interpret all the relevant information in a visually creative way.

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