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In an effort to boost brand awareness and educate potential customers on their fantastic insurance claims management service, Concept Building Solutions commissioned the creation of a creative commercial video that would forefront their new digital marketing campaign.

Wallbreaker began the task of producing a creative solution to a seemingly dull business model. Our client had suggested that we follow one of the company’s surveyors around for the day and filmed him looking at structure damage, but together we agreed that handling the video in that way wouldn’t inspire anybody to pick up the phone! Our creative team came up with the idea of basing the narrative of the video around a modern doll’s house. This would allow us to make more of an emotional connection with the target audience of families.

We purchased a victorian style doll’s house and the inner interior designers amongst us completely transformed it into a modern family home.

We purchased a vast array of small scale furniture and even some miniature Harry Potter books to really bring the house to life. The saddest part was when we had to destroy our beautiful creation by exposing it to the likes of water damage and fire during filming! I think we can safely say that the end result was definitely worth it for incredible cinematography we captured.

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