Elsoms Seeds

It isn’t everyday that you’re tasked with producing a video about parsnip breeding… But at Wallbreaker, we were delighted to be helping Elsoms Seeds think of an interesting way to communicate just that!

Elsoms wanted to educate their audience on the work undertaken in their research and development sector. They wanted to showcase their staff, high tech equipment and desire to help growers and farmers throughout the UK.

Our creative team interviewed the specialists at Elsoms, touching on a highly complex series of scientific research and development in a simple and easy way to understand. The end product utilises a dynamic editing style with creative shot sequences to maintain energy and interest alongside the professional interviews with staff members. This is a great way of using creative video to communicate complex information to an audience. Did you know that Elsoms design seeds for the parsnips you’ll be eating in 20 years time? Well now you do.

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