Endurance Doors

The Luna Room is a luxury garden room that can be used for a multitude of different work and social purposes.

Endurance Doors commissioned the creation of a creative promotional film that would demonstrate the different functions and set ups that customers could use the room for. The video was used as part of the Luna Rooms marketing campaign and plays inside showrooms throughout the UK.

Wallbreaker were tasked with creating a creative video that would show the luxurious space in a whole host of different set-ups throughout the year. We hired actors to play a family of three and, over a two day shoot, we dressed the room with a variety of different furniture and other props to show the audience the potential for the space. Filmed in the height of summer, our creative team used a combination of seasonal set design, lighting and visual effects in post-production to create the different four seasons shown in the video. This included compositing snow for winter and brown leaves for autumn!

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