Fish 4 Jobs

Fish4Jobs is an online recruitment agency who were looking to commission a TV advert to fit in with their new marketing campaign, ‘Fish Face.’

The client required a 30 second commercial to be aired on Sky channels across the UK, with the aim to boost brand awareness and advertise the vast array of vacancies available to job searchers. Working in collaboration with a graphic design agency, IF Creative, Wallbreaker began the task of producing a memorable, snappy and creative TV commercial to fit in with the large marketing campaign that also consisted of bus wraps and billboard advertisements.

Our creative team centered the narrative of the commercial around a group of extremely bored office workers who despise their jobs.

Miraculously, one by one, they start to pull the ‘fish face’ and vanish into thin air. One man finally receives a ‘dream job’ alert on his phone, pulls the ‘fish face’ and then is whisked away into his own ideal profession.

The project consisted of several weeks of tight planning; including location scouting, prop sourcing, set dressing and casting. This all came together in an efficient one-day shoot, before we commenced the editing and visual effects in post-production.

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