Fletcher Longstaff

Fletcher Longstaff were looking for an entertaining video idea to lead their latest brand-awareness campaign on social media marketing channels.

We were given a brief to try and create something short and entertaining that would be memorable for the property conveyancing company. The video didn’t have to say too much about the company’s excellent range of services, but it did have to focus on their outstanding TrustPilot customer service rating.

Our creative team came up with the idea of showcasing Fletcher Longstaff as a brand that makes their customers ‘so happy that nothing can bring you down’. We decided that this first video in the campaign would focus on a woman having the best morning. She slides into the kitchen, twirling and dancing around whilst making her morning cup of tea but then realises she’s out of milk. Disaster! But oh no, this woman is so happy with her conveyancing service she received from Fletcher Longstaff that nothing can bring her down.

This entertaining and memorable approach to the video campaign was optimised to pique the interest of Fletcher Longstaff’s prospective customers on the likes of Facebook and other digital marketing channels. Once a customer has seen this lead video, they will then be prompted to click through to the company’s website for more information or to make an enquiry.

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