Funky 3D Faces

In an attempt to increase brand awareness and showcase the innovative 3D personalised Lego heads to consumers, Funky 3D Faces commissioned the creation of a stop-motion animation that would be used as part of their digital marketing strategy.

Wallbreaker began the task of creating an entertaining stop-motion Lego animation that would humour audiences and stand out in a competitive marketing place. Our creative team wrote a witty script about a gang of Lego demolition workers who had been employed to work in a Lego city, and given the task of destroying a very large Duplo structure. Upon completion of the demolition, the Lego workers at random start growing life-like human heads and everything falls into chaos.

The commercial film was picked up by a blogger in the US who shared the company’s website online and the whole campaign went viral. The products appeared on Fox News in the US and began trending on Facebook. The most entertaining part of the project for us was in the building of three very sophisticated Lego sets!


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