Go Southampton

Go Southampton were looking for an exciting video to promote the renovation of the Cultural Quarter in the heart of the city.

The team at Southampton were keen to work with Wallbreaker on this project due to our award-winning campaigns we’d created for Visit Lincoln. Go Southampton commissioned the production of several videos, to mark the exciting occasion. The videos were to be implemented in Go Southampton’s social media advertising campaign to promote tourism in the city.

It was key for the videos to showcase the cultural offering on display in the city’s quarter so our creative team set about filming a wide variety of nearby locations to include in the film. From quaint coffee shops, to hipster cafés, national museums, brand new theatres, galleries, exhibition spaces and concert venues like the o2 Academy – our team did it all in just two days.

From the outset, our creative team knew that we wanted to create a highly cinematic video that utilised real people to explore the locations.

This ensured that the video encapsulated the visitor experience and offering that Go Southampton wanted to showcase. To ensure that the audience understood where and what each location was, we decided to stylistically track text into the film during the postproduction phase.

The video is now implemented as part of Go Southampton’s digital marketing strategy and is also used on their website for boosting SEO.

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