I See Bad Corporate Videos

Do you see bad corporate videos? Because we do! It’s nearing that spooky time of year again and the thing that frightens our Wallbreaker team most of all is an overly long, boring and poor quality corporate video. “They’re everywhere!” This video is the first in a five part Halloween campaign where we’ve parodied five famous horror scenes from five classic movies but with a corporate video twist! First up, Cole from the Sixth Sense, doesn’t see “dead people”, he sees “Bad Corporate Videos!” Gone are the days where corporate videos need to be 2-3 minutes long, trying to squeeze in every single bit of information about a company. Corporate videos nowadays need to be short, engaging, memorable, emotive and most importantly, tell a story. The aim of this video campaign is to primarily give the audience a bit of a giggle in the run up to Halloween, and also show that our expert video-marketing team are redefining what a corporate video is and the capacity they have to transform a companies’ brand awareness and sales.

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