LN CrossFit

LN CrossFit were looking to send one simple message to prospective new members – ‘CrossFit is for anyone’. They commissioned the creation of an exciting 30 second video that would demonstrate CrossFit as varied, functional fitness for all levels of skill and all abilities. The video is used as part of the company’s social media and digital marketing strategy.

For this particular video, the purpose was very clear from the outset: CrossFit is often considered to be a form of fitness associated with individuals who are already incredibly strong and muscular – this is far from the truth!

Our creative team set to work on producing a fast paced and high energy video that would show a number of LN CrossFit members doing a variety of different movements and skills associated with a typical CrossFit workout. We opted to create a visually diverse and engaging split-screen video to show multiple crossfitters of all ages and capabilities working out at the same time. LN CrossFit very much has a community feel to the ‘box’ (nickname for a CrossFit gym) and this is clearly demonstrated in the group unity shown throughout the video.

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