Play Pal

Play Pal were looking to commission a short comedic advert to market their range of easy-tidy play mats to parents, through Facebook.

In order to effectively showcase the Play Pal product, our creative team came up with a humorous storyline in which a mum hears a ring at the door and to her horror finds the hallway covered with Lego bricks. As she tries to tiptoe past all of them to reach the door, Oh no! She stands on one and her expression is as if she is a wounded soldier on the battlefield. We then rewind and all of the Lego is now on a Play Pal mat and is scooped up in one easy movement, allowing the mum to finally answer the door.

This video commercial had to be entertaining, as well as demonstrating the simplicity and utility of the Play Pal mat for parents with young children. It is now used as part of a successful social media campaign to increase brand awareness and sales.

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