Only A Psycho Would Share Bad Corporate Videos

Don’t be a Psycho – sharing bad corporate videos will kill your brand! A bad corporate video, simply put, is damaging to your business. Ask yourself, ‘Is this video the best piece of marketing we want to be putting out there?’ If it’s not – then it’s probably likely that your clients and competitors are thinking the same! Continuing on with our Halloween parody campaign, we decided to spoof the infamous shower scene from Hitchcock’s classic, Psycho. Only instead of Marion being stabbed in the comfort of her hotel shower, she’s instead shown a bad corporate video! Corporate videos shouldn’t be long and boring or consist of someone talking to their phone whilst sat in their car! They should be short, entertaining, inspiring and utilise storytelling to make your customers connect with you and your business. The aim of this video campaign is to primarily give the audience a bit of a giggle in the run up to Halloween, and also show that our expert video-marketing team are redefining what a corporate video is and the capacity they have to transform a companies’ brand awareness and sales. So, are bad corporate videos scaring away your customers? Even when they’re in the shower?!

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