Do Bad Corporate Videos Make You Want To Saw Your Foot Off?

Do bad corporate videos make you want to saw your own foot off? Ok, maybe that’s a little extreme… but a bad corporate video can be seriously mind numbing for your customers to watch! How many corporate videos have you watched that are overly long, have poor quality audio and consist of someone just talking to camera in their car? At Wallbreaker we see them a lot!

Continuing with our Halloween parody campaign, this week we’ve decided to parody the blood thirsty slasher franchise, Saw. Only instead of Amanda having to escape the clutches of a reverse bear trap like in the original film, she instead has to escape from watching an overly long corporate video!

The aim of this video campaign is to primarily give the audience a bit of a giggle in the run up to Halloween, and also show that our expert video-marketing team are redefining what a corporate video is and the capacity they have to transform a companies’ brand awareness and sales. So, are bad corporate videos making you want to Saw your foot off?

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