The Car Key Man

In an attempt to educate drivers about the importance of technology inside car keys, The Car Key Man looked to commission a 30 second video that would coincide with their new marketing strategy. The video is implemented on the company’s website and social media channels in an attempt to boost SEO and brand awareness.

Wallbreaker began the task of producing a video that would communicate the key services available to customers, a task that would also make for a visually interesting and memorable commercial. The aim of the advertising campaign was to highlight the importance of looking after your car key.

Just like with any smartphone, car keys are sophisticated and advanced pieces of technology that are often mistreated or neglected, due to people simply not being aware of just how delicate the internal designs are. By highlighting this importance, and providing the customer with the knowledge and insight of the company’s services, we were able to produce a memorable video that would direct customers in The Car Key Man’s direction for whenever they might need the team.

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