During the first lockdown of 2020, we were unable to film adverts with actors in them due to social distancing. This complication allowed our team to put our heads together to come up with a memorable solution. We decided to create a stop motion animation, using Action Men, Barbies and 1:12 scale sets. This allowed us to tell a story whilst not breaking any COVID-19 rules.

To make the narrative of the video relatable, we filmed scenes of Barbie watching Tiger King on Netflix and other scenarios that aped the covid zeitgeist. This comedic approach was chosen specifically to cheer our target audience up in the uncertain times of 2020 whilst also ensuring our brand was memorable due to our unique approach.

In total, it cost us around £2,000 to buy the dolls, props and to design the sets. It took 2 days to write the creative, 3 days to film and 3 days to edit this project. Since the advert went live on LinkedIn, using paid advertising; we have secured over £150,000 in sales from several new clients, which is a very impressive ROI. A common compliment from customers who enquired about video projects was how much the video stood out on their news feeds, making them want to stop and watch, rather than scroll past. 

This surge in sales during such a difficult time was such a welcomed joy for the entire team at Wallbreaker, allowing us to quickly undo the damage that COVID-19 had caused our business. The projects that clients commissioned us to produce after seeing this advert ranged from National TV adverts that were broadcast on ITV to video funnel campaigns used on social media for international businesses. We were also fortunate to win Innovative Campaign of the Year in 2021 for our efforts in delivering a strong ROI during a stressful economic period.

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