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Corporate Video Examples

At Wallbreaker we’re all about using our corporate video-making skills to reach your goals. Whether you are sales-focused or want to raise brand awareness, we’re here to help. Therefore, our creative team will create a narrative-driven video that your audience will relate to. Please enjoy watching these corporate video examples.

As you’ll see from the above corporate videos, we’ve worked with large clients as well as SMEs.

The process starts with a strategy session. This is where our team will work with you to learn the goals of your campaign. After that, we’ll create a story and approach for the campaign. This might be scriptwriting, storyboarding and maybe even actor casting. 

Once you’re happy with the narrative of the video, the exciting part starts, filming! We have an in-house film crew. As a result, every project is handled with high attention to detail.

The next stage is video editing. This is where the editor assembles all of the footage and pieces the story together. In addition, they will add music and subtitles to the video. Colour-grading the footage is also part of this process.

Subsequently, handing the final video over to you doesn’t mean we are finished. We’ll work with you or your agency to ensure it’s performing at the level you need it to. Most importantly, to get your desired result! We don’t just make good-looking content. We make beautiful videos that will deliver you a high return on your investment. 

If you enjoyed watching these corporate video examples, check our services here.

Learn More About Corporate Video

At Wallbreaker, we value research. Keeping up with trends and other marketing tips can only help when it comes to marketing. It’s this research that keeps our corporate video production ahead of the competition. For instance, technology and people are ever-changing. Therefore we would like to share some of our favourite books, podcasts and workshops with you via these links:

The Marketing Book Podcast with Douglas Burdett

Video Marketing Strategy by Jon Mowat

Building A Storybrand by Donald Miller

Digital Marketing Strategy by Simon Kingsnorth

Wallbreaker approached the brief with creativity and demonstrated a great understanding of the target audience, resulting in a huge success that was well-received online.”

Emma Tatlow

Director of Marketing, Mayflower 400

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