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Creativity solves problems, creates solutions and above all; sells. Creativity in the form of messages, ideas and stories has the power to captivate an audience and influence them to make choices, take action and share content. That’s why, with every video project we work on, we carry out the same rigorous procedure in order to make sure your business and brand flourish in an increasingly competitive marketplace.


With all projects, the first step is getting to know you and your goals. We’ll start off with a no-obligation consultation, either in your space or ours, where we will listen to your requirements and ask questions in order to fully understand your business, audience, budget and vision.

Then it’s over to us. Once we’ve gathered all your information, we will start a process of idea generation. We’ll then come back to you with a variety of techniques, narratives, and scripts. This is a deeply creative process, sparking lots of excitement and enthusiasm from our team, and hopefully you’ll be excited too!

Once we’ve presented our concepts to you and the project has been given the green light, we’ll begin to develop these creative ideas in more detail. This process of pre-production can involve storyboarding your film, sourcing any actors, finding props, scouting locations and all other planning arrangements.


The Wallbreaker team prides itself on high production standards, that’s what gives our videos their high-polished look . We have an undeniable passion for filmmaking, which shines through on every video we shoot. Each production is assigned a dedicated director, producer and cinematographer, all highly trained and experienced in their craft.

Our team of specialists shoot on cinema and broadcast-ready camera systems. We also have an array of audio equipment, lights and camera gimbals to diversify productions, making things look and sound great. We regularly work with actors and have a clear understanding of how to direct our cast, allowing for the most convincing and entertaining performance.

Whether we’re shooting in a studio or away on location, our productions are filmed with an abundance of high energy and attention to detail. The desire to deliver quality with every shoot is always prominent on set, you can even come by and see for yourself if you wish!


The edit is where your production really comes to life. It’s the final stage of a process of careful and creative execution, exciting things happen in our in-house post-production studio. Our team consists of highly-trained specialist editors, animation artists, sound designers and visual effects artists.

Upon assembly of the initial edit, we’ll invite you to an exclusive first screening of your video on a rather large TV in our office! We can also get the popcorn machine going if you like!

Once your film has been screened, we’ll discuss any adjustments you may have and then get to work on the final video. If we haven’t already discussed marketing strategies in our previous meetings, as an optional service, we can also look at distributing your film. Here we will look at how to get your video seen by the right people at the right time, allowing you to generate as much value as possible from your investment. We work closely with online marketing and broadcast advertising platforms, such as Sky AdSmart and Clearcast, to make sure your video can be distributed widely and accurately in a broadcast-ready format.

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