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Your target audience buys with emotion and justifies with logic. When making videos, we understand it’s tempting to list your services, say why your company is amazing and shout about your excellent customer service… but this is a mistake. Your audience doesn’t care about all that. What they care about is that you understand them and that you can help them overcome a problem. This is what we like to focus on when producing videos for our clients.

If you would like to see the types of videos we make, please view our work here.

Learn More About Corporate Video

At Wallbreaker, we believe that researching video trends and other marketing tips can only help when it comes to promoting a business. It’s this research that keeps our video production company ahead of the competition. For instance, technology and people are ever-changing. Therefore we would like to share some of our favourite books, podcasts and workshops with you via these links:

The Marketing Book Podcast with Douglas Burdett

Video Marketing Strategy by Jon Mowat

Building A Storybrand by Donald Miller

Digital Marketing Strategy by Simon Kingsnorth

If you are after a company video with a difference, that isn’t boring or monotonous, then the team at Wallbreaker are your guys!

Rachel Rodgers

Marketing Manager, Elsoms Seeds

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