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When scary-sounding invaders like Killer Shrimp and Giant Hogweed infest Britain’s waterways; British Canoeing is the first line of defense. They’re an organisation who works closely with the Anglers Trust to raise awareness of invasive species in our waters and educate canoers, kayakers and anglers alike on how to prevent their spread. They approached Wallbreaker to produce a suite of animated explainer videos on a plethora of subjects relevant to individual sports and species. The videos needed to be snappy and informative, with a visual style that appealed to audiences of all ages.


In order to fulfill British Canoeing’s brief and provide them with an effective series of content, we started by educating ourselves on the focus areas for each video, this meant that formulating the collection of scripts was a smooth and well-oiled process. Next came the designing of each asset for the animations, from diverse kayakers on moving water to different species of Floating Pennywort, we researched and referenced each element of the scenes to provide the client with a truly accurate depiction of the subjects.

After compiling the animations and working with a professional voice-over artist to record the scripts to industry standard, we delivered ten unique pieces of content which captivated their target audience with modern and colourful visuals. Viewers were also effectively educated on the risks of many invasive species that they may encounter and given clear instructions on how best to work together to maintain the stunning waterways that span the UK.

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