University of Lincoln

The University of Lincoln were looking for an engaging way to promote their Enterprise Service to 2nd and 3rd years studying at the University. They commissioned the production of a creative video commercial that would highlight the support network, and the funding available, to students who might have new business ideas and innovations.

The aim of the video was to encourage students to further enquire about the Enterprise Service by distributing the video as part of an online social media campaign targeted at the students.

Our creative team opted to use an actor of a similar age to the students, in order to create a subliminal relationship with the audience. This was further reinforced by including our actor in multiple relatable situations that the typical ‘student life’ might be accustomed to; studying on campus, socialising in clubs, being a part of a society, etc. We wrote a script that would involve our actor speaking directly to the camera as though it were the audience. We then filmed the script repeatedly in multiple different locations throughout a day’s shoot and spliced this up in the edit to create an entertaining and energetic quick-cut video.

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