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Stokes Tea & Coffee has been a strong brand in Lincolnshire for over 120 years. Despite the company’s rich history, they were facing pressure from new hip coffee brands with a strong digital presence. To combat the competition, Stokes was keen to document their craftsmanship and unique roasting process, whilst also telling their brand story and promoting the wholesale service.

Nick Peel
Managing Director
Stokes Tea & Coffee

We worked with Wallbreaker on a recent project and found them to be extremely professional. They did a fantastic job and made the whole process enjoyable and comfortable, giving good and useful direction when needed. I would highly recommend them.


We created an emotive mini-documentary that focused on bringing Stokes’ brand into the 21st Century. The video features Stokes’ CEO, Nick Peel, who narrates the story in a beautifully-lit interview set against the backdrop of a stunning roastery. We applied a ‘vintage film grain’ to the opening visuals to further demonstrate the company’s history. We then utilised modern cinematic crops as the narrative progressed to modernise the brand and showcase the variety Stokes has to offer with products, cafes and processes. We opted to utilise outtakes as part of the narrative to further inject a sense of personality and locality into the Lincolnshire brand.

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