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Have you ever wondered how the world of animated video […]
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Have you ever wondered how the world of animated video production comes alive? Picture this - a whirlwind tour through vibrant landscapes, inhabited by characters as varied as your imagination. From captivating explainer videos to intricate product demos, every frame is meticulously crafted to tell a compelling story.

In my journey into this dynamic realm, I've encountered magic in motion graphics and discovered tales told in striking visuals. It's not just about the craftsmanship and technique, it's also about establishing a feeling that sticks in people’s memories.

Join me as we navigate the fascinating world of animated video production. We'll delve into how to craft compelling narratives and use cutting-edge software tools. Plus, we'll examine real-life case studies where animations have driven significant business growth.


The rise of animated video production in the business world

Once upon a time, animated videos were mainly confined to children's television and Hollywood blockbusters. But now they're popping up everywhere, especially in corporate animation and explainer video production.

The versatility of animated videos

Animated videos offer businesses flexibility like no other form of media can. They allow companies to get creative with their messaging by tailoring visuals precisely to their aesthetic requirements or even creating them from scratch.

This versatility makes animations eye-catching, clear and captivating - perfect for informative product feature videos, training programmes and more. Animations can be used to communicate your message directly into the consciousness of viewers, leaving a lasting impression.

One significant benefit is consistency across different media channels thanks to uniform graphics possible only through corporate animation. So whether you're posting on social media platforms or broadcasting on national TV – your brand identity remains solid as a rock.

A powerful case study for this comes from Wallbreaker’s project involving British Canoeing - an innovative campaign featuring Floating Pennywort invaders. Using characterful cartoon animation coupled with professional voice-over artists telling compelling stories resulted in engaging content leaving lasting impressions on viewers’ minds.

Why businesses love animation

In today's digital age where attention spans are shorter than ever before but competition is fiercer than Tiger King episodes on Netflix – capturing people's attention quickly is crucial for any business. That’s exactly what animated videos do.

The use of bright colours combined with movement triggers our primal instincts making us stop whatever we’re doing and pay attention.

Animations make complex topics accessible, making them ideal for explainer videos. A short animated video can simplify a concept in minutes.

The same applies when businesses want to create product demo videos showcasing features of their new software or gadget. An animated video can provide an easy-to-understand visual representation that still images or text simply cannot match.

A global trend in video marketing

Animated video production isn't just about making cartoons or simple sketches. Creating animations that are both captivating and understandable is an art form requiring skill, ingenuity and technical know-how.


Animated video production is no longer just for children's TV and films, it's now a powerful tool in the business world. It offers flexibility, creativity and consistency across media channels - perfect for everything from product feature videos to training programmes. And because they can simplify complex topics into digestible chunks of information, animations are ideal for explainer videos too.

The benefits of animated video production for businesses

Let's delve into the dynamic world of animated video production and see why it's creating waves in business communication and marketing strategies. The beauty of animation lies in its ability to establish an emotional connection with your target audience, making it a powerful tool.

First off, animated videos are highly versatile. They can be tailored to strict aesthetic requirements or created from scratch. This gives businesses more control over their branding, ensuring that each piece of content aligns perfectly with their overall image.

Animated explainer videos play a crucial role here. They help simplify complex concepts and make them digestible for everyone – just like how a good teacher breaks down difficult topics. So if you're launching a new product feature or service, using explainer video production could do wonders.

In addition to versatility and clarity, animations provide stunning visuals that leave lasting impressions on viewers' minds - think about some memorable cartoon characters you've seen on TV.

Making an emotional connection

Video animation allows us to tell compelling stories through character animation or even abstract shapes - there's no limit except creativity itself. Through these stories we connect emotionally with our audience because humans naturally respond well when things resonate at the heart level.

Tailored messages and high retention rates

We also have complete freedom when creating messages specific for different segments within our target audience. It’s all possible thanks to the malleability offered by 2D animation techniques. Plus research shows that people remember information better when presented visually which is exactly what motion graphics offer.

Cutting through noise and boosting engagement

In a digital world where we're constantly bombarded with content, standing out is crucial. Animated videos can cut through the noise on your audience's news feeds, grabbing their attention and enticing them to engage further. This leads not only to increased interaction but also higher chances of conversion.


Diving into the realm of animated video production, companies uncover a potent instrument to get their audience animated! Animated videos bring versatility to the table by simplifying intricate concepts and showcasing eye-catching visuals that linger in viewers' minds. Not only do they allow messages to be customised for each target group, but they also ramp up retention rates. These captivating clips slice through digital clutter, heightening interaction and enhancing prospects of conversion.

How to create compelling animated videos for business

Making an engaging animated video is a craft. It requires blending compelling storytelling with striking visuals and professional voice-over, while keeping the target audience in mind.

The first step is crafting your narrative. This can be challenging, but remember: every great animation tells a story that leaves a lasting impression on its viewers.

The process behind successful animation videos

Animated videos start with brainstorming ideas based on understanding the company's needs and objectives. Once the primary points are established, it's essential to ascertain what exactly you'd like your video to communicate.

Once these are clear, scriptwriting begins - turning those key points into an enticing storyline filled with captivating characters and dialogue.

This brings us onto character animation – making our cast come alive. Whether you use 2D or stop motion animation techniques depends largely on style preferences and budget constraints. Wallbreaker, as experts in both styles, can guide you through this decision-making process.

Casting the right voice-over artist adds another layer of connection between your brand message and potential investors or customers watching your product demo videos.

Selecting suitable soundtracks

  • An aptly chosen soundtrack elevates mood.
  • A well-placed sound effect enhances viewer engagement.
  • Picking just one song won't cut it but selecting multiple tracks creates diversity within each scene and helps maintain interest throughout longer animations.

The end result?

  • A high-quality animated explainer video, perfectly tailored to your brand's voice and message.
  • One that speaks directly to your target audience, inspiring them to take action.

The end product? An animated explainer or company video that leaves a lasting impression on viewers. This might be potential investors intrigued by the innovative campaign of the year or fibre engineers excited about new training programmes they can access from their smartphones.


Crafting engaging animated videos for business is an art. It involves weaving a captivating narrative with stunning visuals and professional voice-over, always considering the target audience. Key messages should be identified early on, transformed into compelling storylines filled with interesting characters and dialogue. Whether you choose 2D or stop motion animation techniques depends on style preferences and budget.

Animated video production trends to watch out for

The landscape of animated video production is ever-evolving, with new trends constantly emerging. Businesses looking to leverage this powerful tool need to keep an eye on these changes.

Social media optimisation

Social media has developed into an essential way of circulating videos and connecting with a wide range of people. But it's not just about posting any content; the trend now is creating animation videos specifically tailored for social media platforms like Instagram Stories or TikTok. This involves considering the platform's unique format, audience behaviour and algorithm preferences when designing your animations.

Hybrid animations: live action meets animation

Gone are the days where you had to choose between live-action and animation. Nowadays, we're witnessing more businesses incorporating a blend of live footage and motion graphics or cartoon animation overlays into their video content strategy. This combination often results in captivating visuals that leave a memorable impact on viewers.

Explainer videos and product demos

A surge in explainer videos signifies how businesses are trying hard to communicate complex concepts effectively through engaging storytelling techniques backed by quality animations. Product demo videos, which offer step-by-step guides about product usage while highlighting key features, also continue gaining momentum because they provide value for potential customers during decision-making stages.

Voice-over artists playing pivotal roles

We’re noticing increased attention given towards professional voice-overs within animated productions too. A compelling story may fall flat without the right tone or pitch, so investing in high-quality voice artists seems a sensible move indeed.

Focusing on micro-moments and personalised content

Businesses are realising that it's not just about creating one generic video but rather a series of smaller, more personalised videos. These focus on capturing micro-moments - specific instances where customers make decisions. Animated explainer videos tailored to these moments can greatly enhance the customer journey.

The rise of 2D character animation

2D character animations are like an artistic, nostalgic nod to our childhoods and a testament to the power of imagination. Despite their simplicity, they can tell complex stories in engaging ways.


Animated video production is a dynamic landscape. Businesses need to be on top of trends like tailored content for social media, hybrid animations mixing live action and animation, explainer videos & product demos, professional voice-overs, micro-moments with personalised content and the rise of 2D character animation.

Case studies – successful animated video production campaigns

We've all seen them - those animated videos that stick in our minds long after we first hit play. But how are they made? What renders them so triumphant?

ROI on Action Man advert

One such example is Wallbreaker's Action Man advert involving the well-loved childhood toy, Action Man. This advert was not just any ordinary video production. It used stop motion animation to create an engaging and memorable viewing experience.

The Wallbreaker team behind this innovative campaign started by crafting a creative script over two days before moving onto filming using Action Men, Barbies and 1:12 scale sets. Filming took three days followed by another three for editing. The entire process from conception to final cut took just over a week but don't let the speedy timeline fool you into thinking quality was compromised.

This video marketing campaign case study demonstrates how effective video marketing can be when it’s done right. After being aired as part of paid advertising on LinkedIn, the ad generated sales upwards of £200k from new clients who had been drawn in by its unique style and nostalgic appeal.

Captivating news feeds with creative animation

New clients weren't only impressed with this advert's uniqueness. Many also praised its ability to stand out amid cluttered news feeds. It's been proven that video content (especially animation) can increase engagement and capture audience attention more effectively than static posts.

In fact, this Action Man advert is a perfect example of how the creative use of animated videos can leave a lasting impression on viewers. As they say in showbiz - always leave them wanting more.

The power of stop motion animation

This campaign also showcases stop motion as an industry-standard technique in creating captivating animations. Stop motion animation, despite being one of the oldest forms of animation, remains popular for its unique charm and ability to bring objects to life.


Animated video campaigns, like the Action Man advert, can create a lasting impression and drive significant ROI. Despite a modest budget and quick timeline, creative use of stop motion animation resulted in an engaging ad that boosted sales to over £200k. Remember: innovative videos stand out on cluttered news feeds.

Tools and software for animated video production

The world of animated video production is full to the brim with various tools and software, each designed to let your creativity run wild. From character animation to motion graphics, there's a tool out there that can help you bring your vision to life.

Picking the right tool for your project

When it comes down to choosing the right software for your project, it’s all about what you need. For example, if you're working on a product demo video or an explainer video where clear visuals are key, consider using Adobe After Effects. This industry standard program gives top-notch results every time.

On the other hand, if character animation is more up your alley – think along the lines of cartoon animation or stop-motion projects - then programs like Toon Boom Harmony or Dragonframe, could be just what you’re after.

Trending tools in animation production

In recent years we've seen some exciting trends emerging in terms of preferred tools among professionals. One such trend is leaning towards open-source solutions like Blender 3D.

This versatile application not only handles 2D animations but also provides stunning 3D modelling capabilities, making it perfect for everything from product demos videos through to immersive lifestyle videos.

Motion graphics made easy

If motion graphics are more your thing then look no further than Cinema 4D. This software is a firm favourite among professionals for its easy-to-use interface and impressive output.

However, if you’re after something simpler that still delivers high-quality results, consider using Apple’s Final Cut Pro. It offers excellent motion graphics capabilities and it's user-friendly even for beginners.

Don't forget the voice-over

But remember, it's not just about eye-catching animations. The audio matters too. A marvellous vocal delivery can certainly aid in conveying your communication.


From character creation to animating complex scenes, these tools can help you bring your ideas to life. However, the tool is only as good as the artist using it. So whether you're a seasoned animator or just starting out, make sure you invest time in learning and mastering your chosen software.

The future of animated video production

As we move further into the digital era, animated video production is set to become increasingly prominent in our lives, with businesses realising its potential for marketing strategies. Companies are realising the advantages of animation for their promotional activities.

This trend isn't surprising given how versatile animated videos can be. They let us tell a compelling story with stunning visuals, which creates a lasting impression on viewers.

Industry standard practices have been changing rapidly due to this shift towards animation. But what does the future hold? Let's examine what potential trends could form the future landscape of animated video production.

Tailored 2D animation

In terms of aesthetics and style, 2D animation seems to be making quite an impact. The beauty of 2D animation lies in its simplicity and adaptability – perfect for businesses wanting product demo or explainer videos with character animations that reflect their brand image perfectly.

A unique advantage here is having control over every aspect - from colour schemes down to facial expressions on characters. It makes sure your message gets across just as you envisioned it.

Voice-over artists becoming key players

An often overlooked but crucial part of any successful video project involves professional voice-over artists. These talents give life to scripts, ensuring audience engagement throughout the duration of a company’s promotional material like lifestyle videos or crowdfunding campaigns.

Emerging technologies and techniques

New techniques are constantly being explored in animation production. Stop motion animation, for instance, offers a unique aesthetic that can make videos stand out from the crowd.

Another captivating area is the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to facilitate segments of the video production process. AI can help with everything from scriptwriting to post-production editing – it's an exciting space to watch.


Animated video production is the future, with its power to tell compelling stories and make lasting impressions. Trends like tailored 2D animations let businesses personalise their content, while voice-over artists breathe life into scripts. Diversifying platforms opens new marketing avenues, and emerging technologies like AI are reshaping the process.

Tips for hiring a professional animated video production company

When it comes to ensuring your brand is distinctive, appointing a specialist in animated video production could be the solution you need. What's the best way to pick an appropriate agency?

Portfolio examination

The first step is to look at their portfolio. It's crucial that they have experience creating engaging animated videos. You want to see a variety of styles and themes, from character animation to motion graphics.

A diverse portfolio indicates versatility, meaning they can adapt to your unique aesthetic needs.

Past client reviews

Next up is checking reviews from past clients. A reliable company will have positive testimonials backing up their quality of work. Don't just skim through star ratings. Delve into comments about timeliness, communication skills and overall satisfaction with the final product.

In-house expertise

An important question when hiring an explainer video company: Do they have all necessary expertise in-house? Having scriptwriters, animators and voice-over artists under one roof helps ensure consistency across your video projects - something often missing when different parts are outsourced separately.

Budget alignment

In this chat, make sure their pricing aligns with your budget without compromising on quality. While getting value for money should be paramount, remember that cheap options may end up costing more due to poor results or hidden fees.

Familiarity with your industry

It’s not enough that they create stunning visuals – understanding industry standards relevant to your business sector also matters. To ensure they can effectively engage with your target audience, it’s essential that they are able to construct a captivating narrative.

Open lines of communication

Finally, consider their communication style. You want a team who is easy to work with and can translate your ideas into animated magic. Open lines of communication are key to avoiding misinterpretations or disappointments down the line.

In conclusion, choosing an animated video production company goes beyond finding a skilled illustrator. You need a creative collaborator who truly gets your brand.


When hiring an animated video production company, it's essential to consider their portfolio diversity, client reviews and in-house expertise. Make sure their pricing aligns with your budget without sacrificing quality. They should understand industry standards relevant to your business and maintain open lines of communication for seamless collaboration.

The impact of animated video production on business growth

Animated video production isn't just about crafting visually stunning narratives. It's a potent tool that can catalyse business growth by driving web traffic and forging an emotional connection with the target audience.

Animated videos, with their colourful visuals and compelling storytelling abilities, can capture attention like no other medium. Their eye-catching nature helps them stand out in crowded news feeds, grabbing user attention instantly.

This isn’t mere speculation – let’s talk numbers here. A standout case is our Action Man advert which used stop motion animation to bring Action Men and Barbies to life on 1:12 scale sets - all at a budget-friendly cost of around £2k. The project took us only eight days from start to finish but it yielded spectacular results.

We saw over £200k in sales generated through new clients acquired via paid advertising on LinkedIn alone thanks to this campaign.

Fuelling web traffic with animated videos

A well-crafted animated explainer or product demo video can be an invaluable asset when it comes to attracting more visitors to your website. Think about it: people are naturally drawn towards visual content because they find it easier (and often more enjoyable) than reading lengthy text-based explanations.

These viewers not only increase your site's overall visitor count but also boost its visibility across various search engines – ultimately leading you closer towards achieving higher SEO rankings. Plus, having quality animation videos upping your online presence will inevitably enhance brand recall among potential customers as well.

Cultivating emotional connections through animation

Beyond metrics though lies another equally important facet of why businesses should invest in animated video production – their unparalleled ability to create an emotional connection with the audience.

Whether it's a 2D animation or cartoon, these videos can give your brand a voice and personality that resonates with viewers. They provide you the flexibility to weave narratives that not only explain what your product does but also why it matters – all while keeping things engaging for your audience.

Strong storytelling is only part of the picture. To truly engage an audience, you need a blend of compelling narrative, authentic characters and captivating visuals. It's this unique mix that hooks readers in and keeps them coming back for more.


But it doesn't stop there. Animated videos are a powerhouse, pushing your business growth further. Not only do they catch the eye in crowded feeds and increase web traffic, but they also help build lasting emotional connections with viewers. Remember our Action Man campaign? It generated over £200k in sales from new clients on LinkedIn. Plus, top-notch animations can really ramp up your brand's visibility and make sure people remember you.

The role of animated video production in marketing funnel campaigns

Animated videos have a special knack for grabbing attention. They're bright, dynamic and tell compelling stories - but they're not just about entertainment. When used correctly, these animated masterpieces can play a significant role in marketing funnel campaigns and video funnel campaigns.

A well-crafted animation video is like the secret sauce that adds zing to your marketing efforts. It's versatile enough to fit into any stage of the sales funnel: awareness, consideration or decision-making stages. Let's see how it works its magic at each step.

Fanning awareness with animation videos

In the awareness phase, potential customers are getting their first impression of your brand; hence you need something eye-catching and engaging. Enter animation videos. They help bring concepts to life while also adding an element of fun that traditional content often lacks.

You could use explainer videos here (as a great tool for educating people about what your company does) or product demos showcasing unique features - all packaged in captivating visuals.

Consideration – holding interest with engaging content

Moving on down the funnel brings us to 'consideration'. Here’s where character animations can make quite an impact. By crafting relatable characters dealing with situations similar to those faced by potential clients, we engage our audience more deeply.

The decision-making stage - converting with convincing testimonials

In this stage, customers are ready to make a purchase but need that final push. This is where customer testimonials in animation videos come into play. These testimonials provide social proof and create trust among potential clients.


Animated videos are not just eye candy, they're a secret marketing weapon. In the awareness stage, they captivate with vibrant visuals and clear explanations of your product or service. During consideration, relatable character animations engage potential clients deeply. And when it's decision time? Animated testimonials give that final trust-boosting nudge to convert prospects into customers.

FAQs in relation to animated video production

What is animated video production?

Animated video production involves crafting moving visuals to tell a story or share information, often used in marketing and education.

How can I make animated videos?

You can create animated videos using software like Adobe After Effects, Toon Boom Harmony or even free tools such as Blender. They offer various features for designing unique animations.

What is the difference between animation and video production?

In simple terms, traditional film-making captures real-world images whereas animation creates its own world through drawings or computer graphics. Both have their unique advantages in storytelling.

Animated video production is no longer just a spectacle, it's an essential business tool. With its unique ability to create emotional connections and lasting impressions, animated videos can drive your marketing strategy forward.

It starts with understanding the process - from conceptualising your story to creating stunning visuals that resonate with your audience. And let's not forget about exploring cutting-edge software tools that make animation more accessible than ever before.

You've seen how successful campaigns have used this medium to generate substantial returns on investment. But remember, it’s all about crafting a compelling narrative that aligns with your brand values and engages viewers in a meaningful way.

In essence, success lies at the intersection of creativity and strategic planning. Animated video production may be complex but mastering it could unlock unprecedented growth for your business.

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