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At Wallbreaker, we’re a team of highly experienced storytellers, bringing […]
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At Wallbreaker, we’re a team of highly experienced storytellers, bringing your ideas to life. We help your products stand out from your competition. Our creatives have extensive skills and can create visual narratives that speak to your target audience.

It’s well-known that a picture can speak a thousand words, so imagine how much a video can say. We create curiosity-provoking content that evokes emotion in your audience.

Allow us to highlight your unique selling points and exceed your expectations with a product video like no other. With our unmatched dedication, high-level experience and positive attitude, our approach to product videos has a proven track record of success.

We like to work closely with our clients to understand what it is they want out of their time with us. While we offer all of our advice and knowledge throughout the process, we enjoy understanding what it is that you hope for your video to achieve.

What is the story behind your brand and ultimately the product we’re producing a video around? We’ve come up with nine useful tips on how we believe you can tell a really intriguing story with product videos.

wallbreaker video capturing for product videos

Clear messaging

It’s important that when someone has viewed your product video they not only know what your product is but also what value it offers.

Messaging within the video should be simple and to the point. It should show what problem your product could solve or how it could enrich your audience's life.

It should do this quite quickly. You should try and grab your audience's attention within the first opening seconds especially if it’s a short video designed to advertise on a platform like YouTube.

A story should have a start, middle and end. So, when coming up with ideas for your product video ensure your audience is going to feel as if they’ve been on a short journey with your product. 

Give it share appeal

The more people you can reach with your product video the better. A great way of getting more eyes on your video is if it’s shared across social media platforms by the general public. 

To ensure your video is share-worthy, it needs to be one of four things: funny, educational, debatable or shocking. Of course, you can create an amazing video that just shows off your product and looks great. However, that may only get shared by people who are already long-term enthusiasts of what you're selling.

If people think that a video will make people laugh, or teach them something new, or allow them to have an opinion, or show them something they weren’t expecting then they’re more likely to share it with their friends, family and followers. 

High-quality footage

That’s where we at Wallbreaker come in. A lot of people think they have the capabilities to shoot their own product video and while maybe they can, we guarantee it won’t be as good as something that we can do.

We have a range of exceptional videography kit, along with a team experienced in video production. That means we’re able to get the best footage in many different circumstances. 

Call to action

If you’re planning on using your product video for promotional purposes, we’d highly recommend including a call to action at the end. This tells your audience what action you’d like them to take after viewing your video.

This could be ‘check out our amazing sale online today’, ‘call the number on the screen to discuss ‘xyz’ with a member of our team’, ‘sign up now’ or ‘order today for 20% off’.

Whatever your call to action is, it should be clear and concise, something that’s easy for your audience to follow. If there are too many steps to complete the action then people are likely to get bored and move on to something else.

While you can have a call to action throughout your video, your main call to action should be at the end so it’s fresh in the viewer's mind.

Provoke emotion

The best types of videos are the ones that provoke emotion, pull on heartstrings or make people smile. If a video makes people feel a certain way it is more likely to stay in their minds for longer.

By telling a story you have the opportunity to awaken the emotions of your audience. A prime example is John Lewis. Every winter they bring out a new advert and many people see it as the true start to Christmas.

The video often brings a tear to people's eyes. While not a product video as such, it is still a brilliant example of storytelling done right. McDonald's has also done a brilliant job when it comes to Christmas advertisements in the past, creating stories that resonate with people of all ages.

That's something to take into consideration if you've got a product that would be enjoyed by people at every age.

With Christmas fast approaching, thinking of your seasonal product video is a good idea (if you haven't already). Even if you have an evergreen product, sales are still bound to be boosted in the run-up to Christmas by people buying gifts for their friends and family.

Ensure you're at the forefront of their minds with your product video that tells a story that they can't forget.

Include music

It's very important to make sure you have the rights to any music used in your product video, which can sometimes be an expensive task. Getting the right soundtrack can make or break your video.

Ideally, whenever people hear the song they will think of your product. Alternatively, you may opt to create a catchy jingle that people can't get out of their heads.


People like to see a product being used. If it’s an item of clothing, make sure  you show it being worn by inclusive models. If it’s a drink, show it being poured and enjoyed.

Notice how very few food adverts just show the food in its packaging, they show it prepared and looking delicious to entice you into buying and trying it. 

By demonstrating how your product can be used, you allow your audience to put themselves into the shoes of your onscreen actors and imagine themselves using and benefiting from your products.

Understand your audience

It may be beneficial to conduct some research on your customer base before deciding on an idea for your product video. Understanding your target audience will ensure that your video is talking to the right people. 

Once you know the general demographic of your target audience, you can sit down with a creative team to discuss the best way to get your story across. 

Not only this but it will also allow you to position your video in the right space. For example, products that will be well received by teenagers and those in their twenties may be best showcased on TikTok. 

Products designed for the older generation may be better sent out in email campaigns or advertised on Facebook.

Be relatable, or don't be

You either need to be relatable so that your audience sees themselves using your products, or so un-relatable that it's ironic. How many times have you seen a product video for sanitary products and it's someone playing tennis or doing gymnastics in an all-white outfit?

Too many times and it's so unrealistic that it's kind of funny. They're also a necessary product so they'll sell regardless of how relatable their advertising is. However, if you're selling a non-essential item, being relatable to your audience can really help with views and sales.

For more information on how to tell a story with product videos, contact our expert team on 01522 305376.

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