We film event and conference videos to capture and document important moments and talks that help you to promote similar events in the future. Whether you have a packed day of keynote speakers or an exciting list of activities to showcase, why only limit an event to the day it’s being held on? Documenting events and conferences allows you to market future events of a similar nature or share your day with delegates who might not have been able to attend.

With each conference, we get to know what your day involves and ultimately what you’re hoping to achieve by the end of it. Conferences can be captured in their entirety or we can create exciting highlight videos from them, giving your customers and prospects a flavour of the day. It’s all about communicating the right information and making the experience of the day extend beyond that.

Interviews can also be captured with your team and those in attendance, giving you a portfolio of video content that showcases your staff as knowledgeable experts within their industry, and some great client testimonials too. The whole aim of a conference video by Wallbreaker is simple: to showcase your event in an exciting way that will ultimately allow you to market for the future.

Wallbreaker are a highly creative and fun team to work with. They’re always open to some of my rather off the ‘wall’ ideas, take a good brief and manage to deliver exactly what I want (and sometimes what I didn’t know I wanted!).

Tracey Abbott

Head of Marketing, Welcome Break

All three of these targets were hit and we are incredibly happy and proud of the outcome! The videos have been shared hundreds of thousands of times online and are now a great addition to our marketing portfolio for the city.

Joel Murray

Digital Marketing Coordinator, Visit Lincoln

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