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We create product videos to tell the story of your product, highlight its unique selling points and get it seen by the right people. There is no better way to show off your product to your target audience, and secure a great return on investment, than using video.

Product videos enable you to build trust with your audience. They showcase your product and all of its features and do so in a way that connects with your audience; ultimately making them want to buy it! With each product video, we take the time to understand your product and what the benefits are to your target audience. 

We then work out what your audience is interested in, what motivates them and what their lifestyle might look like. This helps us to ensure the video positions the product as something they simply shouldn’t live without. The whole aim of a product video by Wallbreaker is simple: to build trust with your product and encourage them to buy from you.

Wallbreaker are a highly creative and fun team to work with. They’re always open to some of my rather off the ‘wall’ ideas, take a good brief and manage to deliver exactly what I want (and sometimes what I didn’t know I wanted!).

Tracey Abbott

Head of Marketing, Welcome Break

All three of these targets were hit and we are incredibly happy and proud of the outcome! The videos have been shared hundreds of thousands of times online and are now a great addition to our marketing portfolio for the city.

Joel Murray

Digital Marketing Coordinator, Visit Lincoln

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