Caring At Christmas


Christmas can be a difficult time for unpaid carers. Whilst most of us celebrate the festive period with our family and friends, carers continue to play a vital role in looking after those close to them, and Christmas is therefore not always a priority to them. To raise awareness of unpaid carers over Christmas, Wallbreaker were tasked with creating an emotional story-driven video that would pull on the heart-strings of the audience, encourage them to engage with the campaign, and donate to support carers over the festive period.


Based on true-to-life stories, we crafted a beautiful video that focussed on a family trying to have a typical Christmas whilst also providing care to someone in the household. The story features Julia, a young girl who has handmade a Christmas star but cannot reach the top of the tree to put it on herself. Desperate to have a wonderful family Christmas, she longs for the star to be placed on the tree, but Dad is too busy providing physical care for Mum to be able to help her. Scenes showing the need for physical care play out against other visuals of Julia’s childlike innocence and excitement of getting ready for Christmas; highlighting the difficulties that some families experience over the festive period. Combining stunning cinematic visuals with an emotive soundtrack and stellar performances from our cast, the final video is one that speaks directly to the emotional core of the audience. “The need for care doesn’t stop over Christmas.”

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